The Road to Recovery – Covid-19

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy have produced new guidance on how to support people who are recovering from Covid-19.

At Severn Physiotherapy we can help you with your recovery at home. Here are some of the key principles we use to help get better

Thorough Assessment

We will give you a detailed assessment, looking at how your managing physically but also talking about how your managing at home and any stress or anxiety you may be feeling. It is very common to experience problems with your mood following a serious illness.

After this assessment we will talk to you about your goals: things you’d like to get back to doing or manage differently

The Right Treatment

We will develop a treatment plan with based on your goals. This may include exercises, advice or practicing different tasks. This treatment programme will include input from other professionals, such as your GP or district nurse.

We know that tiredness can be a problem after experiencing Covid 19 so we will make sure your treatment is the right intensity for

Keeping your Rehabilitation Going

You may choose to only have one or two sessions with us. Once we have finished working with you we will make sure you have the best treatment going forward. This may be making sure you have exercises to continue on your own, referring you to an exercise group or referring you to another healthcare professional

Keeping you safe

We have clear guidance on the Personal Protective Equipment we should wear for visits. Usually on a visit your Physio will wear an apron, gloves and a face mask. Our Physios won’t visit if they have symptoms of Covid 19 and we ask you to let us know if you or anyone in your household is experiencing symptoms.

If you think you or someone you know would benefit from Physiotherapy at home, get in touch for a no-obligation chat.

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