Buddy’s Story

We are delighted to share this lovely feedback from one of our clients, Buddy in Westbury Park. Buddy has shown how much you can improve your quality of life by engaging with treatment and sticking to an exercise programme…she’s an inspiration!

From January  2019 I had pneumonia. Unfortunately, this wasn’t diagnosed until the following November 2019. I had a very nasty cough that I put down to an allergy. Because of the pneumonia I coughed my way into a prolapsed disc and two bulging discs. This was confirmed by having an MRI. To put it mildly I was not only ill but in the most awful pain. I was given plenty of painkilling drugs. They helped with the pain but my mobility was awful. I could not walk, drive any distance other than to the shops. I fell over, fell off the loo and couldn’t go up or down stairs without hauling myself up and coming down on my bum. I also could not carry anything other than an over the shoulder bag. I used to love dancing and cycling but hadn’t been able to do this. I had tried exercise classes but these increased my pain.

My son who had witnessed my disability and without my knowing found Skye Ramell, a Physiotherapist from Severn Physiotherapy. Skye visited me at my home a week before lockdown. She read my MRI report and knew exactly what to do. I also tap dance, and ride a bike which was fine. Skye set about teaching me floor exercises, small steps at a time, I have increased the exercise routine. I love it! 

Skye said that it was a shame that I could not cycle so I bought myself a perfectly adequate indoor bike at a very reasonable price. I can honestly say that from March to now, late June, I have only missed my exercises three times. Skye has really helped me understand what you can or can’t do. My Doctor has been really impressed by my progress and I have been able to cut down on my painkillers.

Were it not for Skye I would be a gibbering wreck! Also, because I have done as she asked me, I made myself so much better. I am never ever going to not exercise again and when lockdown is over, I am going to see Skye and find out what else I am capable of doing. But It only works if you make it work. You have to follow the regime of exercises. It’s fun, and it makes me happy.

Thank you Skye, you are amazing!

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