Celebrating the Women’s Health Fair

On Sunday 8th March (International Women’s Day), Severn Physiotherapy and Portishead Parent were delighted to present the Portishead Women’s Health Fair. On the day we had a great range of stalls, talks and workshops giving great information on women’s health and wellbeing. We are so grateful to everyone who took the time to support the […]

What is the Difference Between Prenatal and Standard Massage?

There are lots of benefits to having a Prenatal, or Pregnancy massage; you can find out more about these by clicking here. Some people ask what is special about a prenatal massage, so let’s have a look at some of the key differences… Position Usually when you have a massage, you will be advised to […]

Are Pregnancy Massages Safe?

Pregnancy, or pre-natal, massage can be a great way of relieving aches and pains associated with pregnancy. A massage can also make you feel more relaxed. You can read more about the benefits of massage by reading our previous blog post. Here’s some advice on the safety aspects of having a pregnancy massage… Are Massages […]

Pelvic Floor

This video brilliantly illustrates a woman’s pelvic floor muscles:   Your pelvic floor muscles sit like a hammock along the bottom of your pelvis. These muscles should be firm and springy, able to move up and down. In women, these muscles have three holes in to allow the passage of the urethra, vagina and anus. […]

What to Expect From a Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy can be an exciting time, spent feeling your baby grow and preparing for birth. However most mother’s experience a level of back and joint pain and fatigue during their pregnancy. Pregnancy massage is a great way to alleviate many of the unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy. Click here to read our “Benefits of Pregnancy Massage” […]