British Geriatric Society Autumn Meeting

    The Autumn conference is tomorrow for the British Geriatric Society. Covering topics in elderly care, elderly medicine, rehabilitation and more. Severn Physiotherapy have been invited to deliver a short presentation covering our service and how we can support the NHS to deliver better community rehabilitation for older people in the UK. NHS waiting […]

Balance – a matter of life and death

Balance – a matter of life and death. The British Journal of Sports Medicine published the results of a decade-long study involving more than 1,700 middle-aged participants, which concluded that an inability to balance was associated with an almost twofold increase in risk of death. This sounds frightening but we can do something about it! […]

How we can help you navigate the NHS

care navigator

Navigating the NHS is not easy. Have you waited a long time on the phone to contact the GP for an appointment? Some people may be on a long waiting list for NHS physiotherapy. Many people don’t know how to get in touch with the right NHS professional when they need to. How we can […]

The benefits of exercise as we age

  As we age, it’s more important than ever to prioritise our physical and mental health. One of the best ways to do this is through regular exercise. Exercise offers a myriad of benefits for older people, ranging from improving overall health to increasing longevity. In this article, we’ll explore some of the key benefits […]

Frailty and why you need to know about it

Frailty image

Frailty is a condition that affects many older adults and can significantly impact their quality of life. Frailty is not a normal part of aging, but it can develop as people get older, especially if they have certain health conditions or lead a sedentary lifestyle.

The Impact of Arts and Culture on Health

The Impact of Arts and Cultural Engagement on Population Health

Latest research The University College London has published research showing the impact of arts and culture on health. They analysed many studies between 2017-2022 with fascinating results. Their research uses statistical models to analyse the data from the previous studies in new ways to determine the effects of arts and cultural engagement on health at […]

Why teamwork matters


Effective teamwork is extremely important in health and social care. There is a plethora of evidence to support this! All practitioners must work together for the best outcomes and they must do this by keeping the patient in the centre of the team. At Severn Physiotherapy LLP we are experienced and passionate about collaborative, patient-centred […]

Why safe footwear is important

“Does it matter what shoes I wear if I’ve fallen or feel unsteady?” This is something we are often asked during an assessment. The answer is yes! There are many different styles of shoe and slipper, and with experience we have identified some common culprits for falls risk. When we meet someone for the first […]

How physiotherapy can reduce your risk of falling

Older adult roller skating

1 in 3 adults over 65 will fall every year. Being fearful of falling affects half of older adults! Physiotherapy can reduce your risk of falling. If you or someone you know is worried about falling please read this post… Physiotherapy can reduce your risk of falling over. The Chartered Society for Physiotherapy have lots […]