Office Massage

Professional massage in your work place

Show your staff you care and provide the best place to work by offering massage in your workplace. Hassle free, 15 minute seated massages with clothes on is a fantastic way to make you feel relaxed, refreshed and raring to go during your work day.

There are so many benefits evidenced for massage but we thought we would outline some of our favourites:
reduces stress
relaxes muscles
eases headaches and eyestrain
relieves aches and pains
improves mood
increases productivity
helps you feel feel happy, relaxed and rejuvenated!

All you need to provide is a small space for us to work. We bring our massage chair and as we work through clothes we don’t use oils or need a very private space.
We concentrate of neck, shoulders and upper and mid back. Our team are all qualified physiotherapists so not only will you have a massage which feels great, you will have the assurance that safety is our prime consideration, and we are very aware of symptoms which are not just musculoskeletal. We will always refer people for specialist help when necessary. As physiotherapists we are skilled in assessing for the problem, diagnosing and treating it appropriately so you know that your massage is specifically tailored to you and your body.
We LOVE this part of our job as it really does help people remain happy at work. As the average person who works in an office will spend most of their time seated we feel it’s a time to relieve the parts of the body which suffer from this. For us, it’s also a great chance to sneak in some advice on how to maintain your health at work, with regular stretching, changes of position, and give some guidance on recommended levels of weekly exercise for long term health and wellbeing…of course if you would prefer to have 15 minutes of peace and quiet while your body is being treated that is also fine and important for your wellbeing at work!
We are flexible with payment terms so we can accept full payment from the company, subsidised payments and also payments by the individual. If your company books a 2 hour slot (8 sessions) in advance then we can offer a discount so you pay £100 for 8 sessions.
Contact us any time to discuss our service and how we can help you provide a lovely environment to work in by offering massage in your office.


£15 for 15 mins

  • We visit you at home
  • Qualified physiotherapists
  • Relieves aches and pains
  • Improves wellbeing
  • Reduces stress
  • Feel happy and calm at work
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