Exercise For Posture

Why is Good Posture Important?

You body has been designed to work in an ideal position, which varies subtly between people. Being in this ideal position means that joints are aligned correctly and your muscles can move your body in the most efficient way.

A bad posture means that forces aren’t being directed through your body in the right way. This has several consequences, including…

  • Increased risk of injury
  • Movements are less efficient, meaning that moving becomes more effortful
  • Increased stress on joints, muscles and other structures can result in pain
  • If you have problems with your balance or mobility, a poor posture can put you more at risk of falling as it more difficult to re-distribute your weight to keep you upright. More information about preventing falls can be found here.

What can be done about it?

Fortunately there are plenty of ways to improve a bad posture, or stop one from developing. These include having an awareness of your posture and making a conscious effort to correct it when you’re able to. If you work at a desk, make sure it is set up properly for you.

A Physiotherapist can give you advice on specific exercises to address any issues you have with your posture. Typically these exercises will address the following issues:

Strengthening your upper back muscles

Stretching your chest muscles

Stretching your hamstrings, hip flexors and glute muscles

Stretching and strengthening your spine

Strengthening your core muscles

If you think you would benefit from an assessment of your posture, get in touch with Severn Physiotherapy to discuss you needs. We offer a mobile service so can come to you!

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