Free physiotherapy talks

Educational talk Waitrose Cafe by Severn Physiotherapy

Free physiotherapy talks starting on Wednesday 15th January 2020 at Portishead Waitrose & Partners Cafe.

Award winning physiotherapists from Severn Physiotherapy are offering two free physiotherapy talks in January 2020 at Waitrose Cafe in Portishead. Exercise after having a baby is the first of the series. We will be discussing the common symptoms during and after pregnancy and explaining how they may not be normal and there are often ways to get help and improve rather than just put up with them. We will have open discussion (for anyone who wants to talk, no pressure!) and can give some advice during the evening with question and answer open forum throughout the evening. We will explain the anatomy of the pelvic floor and pelvis, and the origins of some common issues and issues post pregnancy including incontinence, prolapse and pain. This will be put into context around exercise and how to return safely and what symptoms to look out for in your body while building your strength back.

We welcome anyone who would like to learn and chat and meet other local mums/dads/grannies/grandads!

No need to book just turn up the cafe will be serving drinks to us throughout the evening.

Information from the evening will be based on current NICE guidelines, advice from the Pelvic, Obstetrics & Gynaecological Physiotherapy charity, articles written and by leaders in the field of women’s health physiotherapy as well as Returning to Running Guidelines proposed by expert physiotherapists in the UK.
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