How a Physiotherapist Works with Older People

We all know that as we get older our body goes through a number of changes, which can make day to day life more difficult. These changes include a loss of muscle strength, slowed reactions times and joint problems. These can lead to several issues including a higher risk of falls and problems with walking. Fortunately, Physiotherapy can help! Research shows that Physiotherapy is effective in a number of ways; we’ll look at some of them here…

Managing Age-Related Change

Keeping active can limit the effects of many age-related issues. Research suggests that at least half the age-related changes to muscles and joints are due to them not being used. So the more we can move, the more independent we can be.

Physiotherapists specialise in assessing the needs of older people. From this assessment, a treatment plan can developed including exercises specifically targeting a particular problem area. This will enable you to keep doing the day to day things you enjoy.

Managing long term conditions

As we get older we are more likely to have a long term condition, such as heart problems or diabetes. Many of these conditions can be improved with the right exercise and advice. A Physiotherapist can assess your needs and advise you on how to exercise safely and effectively to support you managing your condition.

Reducing Risk of Falls

As we get older our risk of falling increases. A Physiotherapist can thoroughly assess your risk of falling, and any factors that are likely to increase your risk of falls. Click here for more information on risk factors for falls. Following this assessment a Physiotherapist can put together a treatment plan to reduce your risk of falling in the future.

At Severn Physiotherapy, we specialise in Older People’s Rehabilitation. If you or someone you know may benefit from Physiotherapy, get in touch today for a no obligation chat, or take a look at our website.

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