How Do Physiotherapists Help With Mobility Problems?

As Physiotherapists, when we talk about “mobility” we mean your ability to move. This can include walking, using stairs or using a wheelchair. Issues with mobility can occur at any stage of life. These can sometimes come on suddenly, such as a broken leg after an accident, or some slowly, for example if you have a long term condition or as you get older.

A Physiotherapist can support you in managing issues with your mobility. The aim is usually to help you move as safely and efficiently as possible, helping you to be as independent as you can. You should have a thorough assessment and treatment programme; which will usually include…

  • A discussion with you about your needs, medical history and what you would like to be able to achieve
  • A review of how your arms, legs and trunk are moving; this may include an assessment of your balance
  • An assessment of your walking pattern
  • It may include looking at how you manage walking outside on different terrains, or using steps and slopes
  • A treatment programme that may include exercises, advice and “hands on” treatment techniques
  • If appropriate you may try a walking aid. This blog post gives some information on choosing a walking aid.

A Physiotherapist will always work towards your goals, making sure that your treatment programme is specific to you and targeting what’s important for you. Here are some of the goals we have helped people achieve:

Getting up stairs after knee surgery

Walking outside after breaking a hip

Walking round the supermarket without help

Feeling more confident to walk and being less anxious about falls

At Severn Physiotherapy we specialise in mobility issues. If you think you or someone you know could benefit from Physiotherapy, have a look at our website or get in touch for a no-obligation chat.

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All information contained in this post is general; we encourage you to seek individualised assessment and treatment from a relevant healthcare professional. We endeavour to regularly review our posts to make sure all information is in accordance with recent guidance and research.

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