Neurological Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists providing home visits in Portishead, Bristol, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire & Taunton
At Severn Physiotherapy, we have specialist Neurological Physiotherapists who can treat a wide range of conditions. Whatever you’re struggling with, we can work with you to achieve your goals, helping you to become more independent and do more of what you love. We can help you if you’re struggling with issues relating to…


Head injury

Spinal cord injury

Multiple Sclerosis

Parkinson’s Disease

We use a creative, holistic approach that is based on the latest evidence and many years of experience. We pride ourselves on putting you at the centre of you care, helping you to live life well. Our sessions can be tailored around your needs, such as fitting in with your schedule, offering home visits and making sure those who are important to you are a part of your treatment journey. We can also help you to discuss your needs with other healthcare professionals and support you to seek support from surrounding services.

What to expect from a physiotherapy assessment

The physiotherapist will come to your home at a time that is convenient to you.

We will start by asking you about your experience of your condition and a little about your medical history. It is important for us to know what you are hoping to get out of having physiotherapy so that we are sure we are targeting our treatment specifically for you.

We will then look at your strength and the movement in your joints. We would also like to look at how you move, for example how you get out of a chair or walk.

After your assessment, we will trial some different treatment approaches to see what will fit your needs best. We will always be led by what you would like to do!

If you’d like to know if we can help, please get in touch and we can talk through your needs.

  • We visit you at home
  • Qualified Physiotherapists
  • Specialists in Neurology
  • Work with a range of conditions
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Initial Assessment / Treatment – 60-90 minutes
  • Follow ups 40 minutes
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