Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massage in the comfort of your own home
We have personal experience of pregnancy and being mummies. We know how your body can feel when carrying a baby both during pregnancy and afterwards. We also understand the juggling act of looking after yourself as well as prioritising your baby. Our home visits allow you to fit your assessment and treatment around your baby.
We offer pregnancy massage to women who would like some relaxation time but with a qualified physiotherapist who can identify specific muscular, joint and nerve issues to focus treatment where needed. This is a great gift for a baby shower! Evidence suggests that pregnancy massage has many different benefits including:

– Reducing pain 
– Improving movement and ability to do day to day tasks
– Reducing anxiety and improving wellbeing
– Reducing swelling
– Better sleep

What to expect from a mobile pregnancy massage

We will ask you to complete a questionnaire before having your massage. Depending on any issues you may have, we may ask you to discuss having a pregnancy massage or physiotherapy treatment with your midwife first. This is to ensure we are practicing safely for you and your baby.

The physiotherapist will arrive at your home at a time  convenient to you.
We will have a discussion about how your pregnancy has been so far and any health concerns you may have. We will then set up a massage table and ensure that you are comfortable. During the session we will make sure all the treatments are targeted for your needs.

You can read more about pre and post natal physiotherapy in our blog post

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  • We visit you at home
  • Qualified Physiotherapists
  • Pelvic pain remedy
  • Sciatica & anxiety around pain
  • Returning to exercise post birth
  • Babyshower massage!!