At Severn Physiotherapy, we offer a fully mobile Physiotherapy service. We offer home visits to the people of Avebury. We currently work with local people experiencing a wide range of issues. We are experienced therapists who can offer you a comprehensive assessment and treatment programme in your own home with minimal delay. Our treatments are always designed specifically around your needs, targeting the issues that are most important for you.
Our services

Our therapists have expertise in several areas, including:


Mobility – if you feel your mobility is limited, for example due to pain or health problems, we can help you improve your strength, balance and confidence so you can move more freely

Falls – falling is a very common issue. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to reduce your risk of falls. We have the skills to help you improve your strength and balance, giving you the confidence to get back on your feet

Pregnancy – being parents ourselves, we know the strain that pregnancy puts on your body before and after birth. Through massage, exercise and advice we can help you become more comfortable and active

Operations – it can take time to get back on your feet following surgery; we can support you to recover as quickly as possible. We can also advise you on how to prepare for surgery

Breathing – If you’ve been diagnosed with a breathing condition we can offer support with managing your breathlessness in a variety of ways, including support with medication and exercise

We are always happy to chat about your needs before you commit to booking an appointment. So please feel free to contact us for a no obligation discussion on how we can help.