Alexa Payne physiotherapist profile

Alexa Payne

Alexa qualified as a physiotherapist from the University of Southampton in 2008.

On leaving university she completed junior rotations gaining experience across a range of clinical areas. Having studied psychology and neuroscience prior to her phystherapy degree she developed a keen interest in neurology and soon specialised in neurological physiotherapy.
Alexa enjoys helping people achieve greater independence and help them to reach their individual goals through maximising their movement. She has worked at Frenchay Brain I jury Rehabilitation Unit and most recently has worked at the level of clinical specialist neuro physio in the NHS. She has extensive experience in a variety of different settings including acute stroke, acute neurology, neuro- rehab and neuro outpatients. She also has experience of providing older person’s physiotherapy and rehabilitation, including for those with Parkinson’s disease.

Alexa lives in Taunton with her husband and two young children and continues to work in the NHS as well as the private sector. This gives her good links to other healthcare professionals across the county and helps her keep up to date with professional development.