Skye Ramell

Skye is a partner of Severn Physiotherapy LLP alongside Kelly Steed. She manages the finances and leads on clinical work.

Skye qualified as a physiotherapist in 2010 from the University of Southampton and has completed masters level study in Physical Assessment and Clinical Reasoning. Since qualifying she has worked in the NHS and private practice. She has experience in a range of specialties including women’s health, neurology, older people’s rehabilitation and respiratory care.

Skye strongly believes in empowering patients to achieve their goals and feel confident in managing their health. She loves the opportunity to get to know patients to enable them to get the best out of their physiotherapy treatment.

​Skye currently treats patients in the following specialities:

mobility problems
balance issues
a history of falls
orthopaedic problems, such as surgery or arthritis
respiratory (breathing problems)
pregnancy massage

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