What you might be feeling about the Corona Virus and what you can do about it

Many of us are experiencing lots of difficult emotions about the coronavirus pandemic. This may include feelings about getting sick, the government restrictions, or struggling to see when the pandemic might end.

The mental health charity Mind has explored some of the feelings people are experiencing and at Severn Physiotherapy we have created this picture to share with you. You may also experience many other emotions about the pandemic which aren’t recognised here.

Physical health has been difficult to maintain for many people during the pandemic for lots of different reasons. However there are ways we can keep active during this time even within the restrictions. At Severn Physiotherapy we are still offering home visits to those who need it and help people remain mobile, stay steady on their feet, regain mobility and recover from an operation. We can also offer telephone welfare calls to check in on those people we already have relationships with. Please contact us if you would like more information for you or someone you care about.

There are also great videos you can follow at home to help you keep moving throughout the day. Later Life Training have produced a series of movement snack videos you can access on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeePVUq4FvWu9uSwUK8YMwZlVjx1CKp8q

The Chartered Society for Physiotherapy has produced a video to help with getting back to fitness after having Corona virus: https://youtu.be/3sURTAaxmc8

Do check the Mind website for lots of information to help you manage during this time: www.mind.org.uk

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