Falls Prevention Exercises for Older People

Falls are the most common cause for older people attending an A and E department. Most do not result in serious injury, but they can be very distressing. Fortunately there’s plenty you can do to keep yourself safe on your feet…

How to reduce your risk of falling

Keep active – There is lots of research telling us that exercise is good for our general health and wellbeing. Exercise can also help to keep your muscles strong, improving our posture, co-ordination and balance, making it less likely that you will fall. The NHS website has some good ideas for exercises you can do at home. You can also see how Severn Physiotherapy can help you by clicking here.

Get your eyes and ears checked – Problems with your eyes and ears can affect you balance. Raising concerns early, and getting regular checks can reduce your risk of falls.

Check your medications –  Some medications can affect your balance. Check with your GP or Pharmacist if you think your medication may be affecting your mobility.

Keep your bones strong – Conditions such as Osteoporosis can affect how strong your bones are, so your doctor may prescribe you medication to support your bone health. You can also help by eating calcium rich foods, going out in the sun to get some Vitamin D and doing weight bearing exercises

Choose the right shoes – Sometimes the simplest answer is the best! Make sure you have comfortable, well-fitted, secure shoes

How to overcome a fear of falling

If you’ve had a fall or a near-miss it’s very natural to feel worried about falling. Sometimes this leads to people becoming less active. Unfortunately, this can become a bit of a vicious cycle. Try following the steps above to see if this helps you to feel more confident. You can also

Talk to your GP – they can look into the causes or your fall, or may be able to refer you to a specialist service who can support you.

Pendant alarms – These are personal alarms you can wear round your neck or on your wrist. If you fall, you simply press a button to summon help.

Telecare – There are a variety of different pieces of technology that will automatically alert someone if you have falls, for example a sensor on a chair

Get in touch with us today or click here to find out more about how Severn Physiotherapy can help you prevent falls.



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