How to Keep Active when Self Isolating…Part 1

As you probably know, the government has issued guidance about the need for certain people to “self-isolate” during the Covid 19 outbreak.

We know that this can be tricky for people for a number of reasons, one of which being it can be tricky to keep active. Below we’ve given some tips on how you can keep active and keep safe…

Go for walk

Government advice is that is currently safe to go out for a walk, as long as it’s somewhere that isn’t too busy. As well as the benefits of doing exercise, fresh air and sunlight will improve your immune function and bone strength

Get out in the garden

If you’re not able to get for a walk, you can still enjoy some outside time in your garden if you have one. There are lots of good ideas for exercise routines you can do outdoors, here are some that we like…
  • Exercise indoors

The internet has lots of ideas for exercises you can do indoors that don’t need any equipment. Here are a few good ones for different abilities…

  • Make it part of your routine

As with any other kind of exercise, it can be helpful to add activity into your daily routine; perhaps do something after breakfast or make a phone date to exercise at the same time as a friend

  • Do what feels right for you

As with any exercise, make sure your exercises are pitched properly for you. If you have a health condition, check you know how to exercise safely with your condition. Make sure exercises don’t exacerbate existing pain. Remember that everyone can be active, as long as you find what’s right for you! More information on exercises with a long-term condition can be found in this link.

All information contained in this post is general; we encourage you to seek individualised assessment and treatment from a relevant healthcare professional. We endeavour to regularly review our posts to make sure all information is in accordance with recent guidance and research.

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