Recondition The Nation

Recondition the Nation is a campaign introduced by Dr Amit Arora. Dr Amit Arora is a consultant geriatrician in the North Midlands. He promotes movement among our older generation so they can remain active, independent and mobile. This not only improves outcomes, but can also prevent falls and long stays in hospital, with better mental health and wellbeing for older people.


Deconditioning syndrome can be defined as the ‘condition of physiological, psychological and functional decline that occurs as a result of complex physical changes’, which happens with prolonged bed rest and the associated loss of muscle strength.


We know half of admitted frail older patients experience functional decline between admission and discharge, and up to 50% of older people can become incontinent within 48 hours of admission. In the first seven days of admission, inpatients have reduced muscle strength by up to 10%, reduced circulation by up to 25% and reduced dignity, quality, confidence, independence and choice.


Often, these effects of reconditioning can be reversed with rehabilitation at home. Severn Physiotherapy LLP specialise in this type of care for older people. Many of the people we support at home have just left hospital with a lower level of mobility than before they were admitted. We can help with a detailed assessment, goal setting and exercise-based rehabilitation to enable reconditioning in your own home.


Our passion is to support people in a holistic way, to really get to know our patients and their support network. We work hard to motivate people to achieve their goals and regain their previous level of mobility. Sometimes people are discharged from hospital to a temporary care home and find they do not have the goal-driven rehab to improve their mobility. This can result in people being hoisted instead of being able to stand from a chair or walk.  Having specialist therapy input can really turn things around and get people back on their feet which is important for their quality of life, for the number of carers and care visits required, for the wellbeing of the person.


Our team of therapists and the instructors we work with, are friendly, caring and supportive. We strive to support people to achieve their maximum capabilities. Please call us anytime to talk through a situation you or a loved one are in and how rehab therapy my benefit.


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