The Impact of Arts and Culture on Health

The Impact of Arts and Cultural Engagement on Population Health
Arts and health

Latest research

The University College London has published research showing the impact of arts and culture on health. They analysed many studies between 2017-2022 with fascinating results. Their research uses statistical models to analyse the data from the previous studies in new ways to determine the effects of arts and cultural engagement on health at different stages of life.

The positive impact of arts and culture on health is relevant for our patient population. We work with older people who sometimes struggle with maintaining quality of life and independence. This study shows how even quite irregular visits to theatre or opera can have protective benefits on cognitive function in particular memory loss. Additionally, engaging in weekly community arts groups benefits older people’s wellbeing more than monthly groups. Furthermore chronic pain was found to be 25% less likely for people who attend museums and art galleries and this had carry over for 10 years. These findings are pertinent to our patients who want to live better lives with less cognitive decline, better physical function and improved wellbeing.


How we will implement the research

At Severn Physiotherapy LLP we are always looking to improve our care, keep rehabilitation fun and interesting for our clients. This study has educated and inspired our team to change our practice in new ways to benefit our patients.

We are actively finding out about local arts groups which can recommend our clients to in Bristol and North Somerset. We love collaborating with other professionals! This study gives us good reason to connect with those in the arts and cultural fields rather than the more traditional clinical disciplines.

Rehabilitation is always a personal journey that we help you along the way with. You lead it and we help guide you, navigating the NHS/care/fitness/social and other systems around you. We advise you with our evidence-based knowledge and manual therapy skills. Our aim is for you to have quality of life and physical independence for as long as possible. So next time you see your therapist, please have a talk about arts and culture in our area. Together we can work towards you getting out and attending!

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