Top 5 Benefits of Physiotherapy for Older People

There’s plenty of research about the benefits of Physiotherapy for seniors, and at Severn Physiotherapy we see those benefits every day. Despite this, many people still think that Physiotherapy is just for young athletes. In fact, Physiotherapy is about improving movement and function, no matter what your health needs are or your stage of life.

Older people may experience a range of issues, including complex health problems, joint pain and issues with balance and mobility. Fortunately, Physiotherapy can help you manage these issues. Here we look at the top 5 benefits of having Physiotherapy in later life…

Improving Mobility

This is the most common issue people come to us with. Whether your walking is limited by pain, balance problems or a fear of falling, Physiotherapy can help you to manage your symptoms, helping you to move more easily. More information about the work we do to help people improve their mobility can be found by clicking here.

Treating Pain

Pain in your neck, back or other joints is common as you get older; however this doesn’t mean you have to put up with it! Physiotherapists work in a variety of ways, including improving muscle strength, coordination and flexibility, as well as how joints function, to reduce pain. This in turn can help people use fewer pain killers.

Exercising Safely

Regular exercise is really important as we get older. However many people avoid exercise in later life, worrying that it will exacerbate existing health problems. In fact, exercise often relieves symptoms of many conditions and can help improve your mood. Physiotherapists or specialist fitness instructors can give you advice on exercising safely and effectively. This blog post gives some tips on exercise.

Pre and Post Surgery

Surgery can be an important part of managing your health. It is important you are as fit as possible before your surgery. Following surgery, you may also benefit from Physiotherapy to improve your strength and mobility. This link has more information about how Severn Physiotherapy help people who need operations.


All of these benefits lead to you maintaining and increasing your independence. It may be your very independent and want to keep it that way, or struggling with day to day tasks. Either way exercise and Physiotherapy give a great boost to your independence and quality of life.

If you’re wondering if you or someone you know would benefit from Physiotherapy, get in touch for a no-obligation chat about your needs.

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