Day 1 of Falls Awareness Week

Falls Awareness Week 18-24th September 2022 starts with a quick walking aid MOT. Like a tyre on a car, it is very important to keep the ferrule on your stick safe with a regular MOT.


Benefits of a safe walking stick:

Falls prevention

Better posture

More steady

Less slips

Injury prevention

More confidence

Able to do more safely


How to check your stick:

Check the pole, handle and ferrule for splits

Is the height adjuster pin fully through the hole?

Make sure there are no rattles or rickety parts

Ensure the ferrule has clear grip lines and is not worn

Purchase new ferrules online or from local mobility shop or pharmacy – check correct diameter for your stick.

Check out our physiotherapy service in your own home to help reduce the risk of falls, improve balance and strength and mobility:



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