Sunak says Better Future, Better Community Care

PM Rishi Sunak stated in his speech on 4th January 2023 that we need improved community care. There are over 12000 patients waiting to be discharged. Social care support is the key here, however rehabilitation is also a very important factor.

At Severn Physiotherapy we can support discharge home safely from hospital both on the day of discharge and afterwards for as long as you need help. Having rehabilitation immediately after a stay in hospital can increase your chances of a better recovery especially in the case of fractures, stroke, falls and other conditions.

Our team can ensure that you are safe at home following a hospital stay, or at any other time. Severn Physiotherapy LLP can advise on equipment to support your mobility and independence. We help you set goals for activities you would like to get back to, and make a plan to achieve them.
To help you achieve your goals we offer:
Exercise for balance and strength
Pain management
Liaison with your GP/consultant/other professionals to ensure your medications are optimised
Practice with equipment to support your independence
Specialist OT (Occupational Therapy) assessment
…and much more!


We love our jobs and we get to know each and every one of the families we work with very well. It is not always possible to prevent someone from ever falling again, or being admitted to hospital, but having physiotherapy is proven to reduce the risks of this.
So contact our friendly team if you are worried about safety at home following a stay in hospital: 01275 400466
We look forward to having a chat and finding out how we can help.
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