Physiotherapy After a Stroke

At Severn Physiotherapy, we have specialist Neurological Physiotherapists who can help you to recover after your stroke. Following a stroke the brain cannot re-grow cells to replace those that have been damaged. However, the brain can adapt to give new pathways to perform the old tasks. Receiving support from an experienced Physiotherapist can support this […]

Buddy’s Story

We are delighted to share this lovely feedback from one of our clients, Buddy in Westbury Park. Buddy has shown how much you can improve your quality of life by engaging with treatment and sticking to an exercise programme…she’s an inspiration! From January  2019 I had pneumonia. Unfortunately, this wasn’t diagnosed until the following November […]

The Road to Recovery – Covid-19

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy have produced new guidance on how to support people who are recovering from Covid-19. At Severn Physiotherapy we can help you with your recovery at home. Here are some of the key principles we use to help get better Thorough Assessment We will give you a detailed assessment, looking at […]

Cycling tips during Covid 19

In these slightly strange times we are celebrating world health day today! Remember, exercise is a great way to work off some of the stress that this current situation is likely to be creating. We’ve noticed lots of people in North Somerset have been out on their bikes. If you’ve not cycled for a while, […]

Five Ways to Keep Your Joints Healthy

Keeping your joints healthy as you get older has lots of benefits, including better mobility and less chance of joint pain. Although most people experience some “wear and tear” on their joints, there are plenty of things you can do to protect your joints. Stick to a healthy weight Carrying extra weight will put additional […]

Exercise and Osteoarthritis

What Is Osteoarthritis Your bones have cushioning between them where they meet at the joint, known as Cartilage. If you have Osteoarthritis this cartilage breaks down leading, which can cause stiffness and pain. Often, if people are in pain from osteoarthritis they will stop exercising. Unfortunately, a lack of exercise can make symptoms of osteoarthritis […]

Physiotherapy After a Total Knee Replacement

After having a total knee replacement, it is likely that you will be able to walk more easily and comfortably than before. Physiotherapy is a key part of your recovery; exercise, advice and sometimes “hands on” techniques will help you to get back to doing your day to day activities more quickly. Straight after Surgery […]

Back Pain Myth Busters

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy have created a great document busting myths around back pain. The link to the full article can be found here: These are some of the key messages: Keep moving if you can! Evidence show it is best to return to activity and work as soon as you are able […]

The painful story – part 2

How do our bodies sense pain? Pain is currently being redefined as by the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) ( The Proposed New Definition of Pain: An aversive sensory and emotional experience typically caused by, or resembling that caused by, actual or potential tissue injury. Proposed Accompanying Notes Section: Pain is always […]

The painful story – part 1

  The perception of pain is not simple. Many people may be surprised to know that the sensation of pain does not come directly from an area of skin or body tissue which has been damaged in some way. There are many different cells and chemical reactions which lead to the sensation of pain and […]