What to do if you Fall

Falling is a common problem as you get older. It can be a scary experience if you fall when you’re alone in your home, but if you do fall it is important to remain calm. Below are some tips on what you can do to help yourself if you have fallen…

Check for injuries

Take the time to check for injuries. See if you have any pain or feel dizzy, have blurred vision or similar Sensations. If you aren’t hurt then see the tips below for how you can get yourself up. If you have hurt yourself then keep warm and try to summon help (see more below).

Getting up from the floor

If you haven’t got any injuries and feel able to, try to get up from the floor. How you do this will depend on your needs, but here is an idea of what to do:

  1. Turn onto your side with your strongest side upright
  2. Roll onto your hands and knees
  3. Crawl towards a solid object you can pull up on, such as a step or sturdy chair
  4. Put your hands up onto the object then slide one foot forwards so you are kneeling on one knee
  5. Push up through your arms and legs to sit on the chair / step
  6. Sit and catch your breath. Think about if you need to call anyone to help

Some people like to practice this technique when they’re feeling well. It is a good idea to have someone with you who can help if you need when practicing this. This video shows how the technique works.

Calling for help

If you’re hurt or unable to get up, call for help. There are several ways you can do this:

  • Use a personal alarm, like a Pendant Alarm
  • Use a phone
  • Shout or bang on a wall to try to attract attention from neighbours or someone outside

If you’re at risk of falling, it is a good idea to have a pendant alarm or mobile phone with you at all times so you can call for help if you need.

Keeping warm

After you’ve called for help, your next priority is keeping warm.

  • Try to move onto a carpet or soft rug if you can. If you have to pass urine while you’re on the floor, try to move away from the wet area afterwards
  • Reach for a blanket or coat if you can
  • Move away from a draft if you can
  • If you have someone with you, ask them to make you a hot drink if you can safely get to  a position to move it
  • Move your body regularly if you can (don’t move if it hurts)

Tell your GP

Even if you weren’t hurt, it’s important your GP (or another healthcare professional) knows you’ve had a fall. There are lots of things that can cause falls which can be treated or managed.

If you’re worried about having a fall, this blog post gives some advice on preventing falls.

At Severn Physiotherapy, we specialise in falls management and prevention. We offer home visits to give you a thorough assessment and treatment plan that is specific for you. If you would like to know more, take a look at our website, or get in touch for a no obligation chat about your needs.

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